Advanced Training Methods

Do you do the same type of training all the time? Stuck for some ideas? Well here are some different types of training methods that you can use in any type of training whether it be weight based strength, muscle endurance, functional and cardio. You should always try and change your program every 6 weeks to keep the body guessing and put in shock so you reach your goals.

Pre/post-exhaust Super Set:

Pre-exhaust is when you perform the Isolation exercises e.g (Lateral Raise) before the Compound exercise for same muscle group e.g (Dumbbell Shoulder Press). This Challenges your muscle endurance but also builds strength with rep range 6-10.

Post exhaust is when you do your compound exercise first e.g (Shoulder Press) then you do your isolation exercise e.g (Lateral Raise)

Giant Sets:

Giant sets are when you use 4 exercises focusing on the same muscle group back to back. This is a great way to train if you are short of time to get your workout done quickly, but you also get a really intense burn also. Example (Front squats, Walking Lunges, Bulgarian Split Squat, Plyometric Lunges) 8 reps on each and 60-90 seconds rest after complete

Tabata Training:

Tabata is only 4minuites long with a work period of 20 seconds work 10 seconds rest. This doesn’t sound like a lot but intensely could be the longest 4 minutes of your life. It is mostly used for cardio based but can also be used with weights for muscle endurance. Originally this was created on the Upright Cycle so next time you’re in the gym why not come give it a go.


Negative are about putting that muscle under tension using a heavy weight going very slow in the eccentric phase of an exercise. You would normally add an extra 20% of weight than you would normally lift. Training partner is recommended assists the exerciser through the concentric phase of an exercise.

Down the Rack:

This method is a format of drop sets technique using dumbbells or even barbell. You perform as many reps as possible with good technique, then drop the weights back to the rack picking up the next weights and continuing to do as many reps as possible. Until you reach the bottom.

Fartlek Training:

Fartlek training is when you mix up lots of other training methods such as Low Intensity -Long Duration, Medium Intensity – Medium Duration, High Intensity – Short Duration. This is good for runners, cyclists and rowers etc. Example is you might run for 20 minutes, sprint for 15 seconds, and walk for 5 minutes, run fast for 1 minute, jog slowly for 5 minutes then sprint again.

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