Gym 64 Charity Work


Gym 64 hosted the Arnold Classic Strongman Event in July 2017 as they have for the past 4 years. This year all of the money raised was donated to the Mary Leishman Foundation and The Army Benevolent Fund. This event is annually hosted at Gym 64 Dunfermline and always raises a large sum of money which is always donated to charity.

 In August 2016 our Kirkcaldy team held a Spinathon, and through our staff and members we were able to raise an astonishing £3,757 which went to the Children’s Ward in The Victoria Hospital Kirkcaldy for toys for the children whilst they are in. Our Fitness Manager Martin Dickson received a very generous sponsorship of £750 from Velux Glenrothes which added to this mass amount of money.

In March 2017 our Kirkcaldy Branch held a Body Combat Fundraiser. From these events we raised enough money to purchase 12 TV’s alongside DVD’s for the Children’s Ward in The Victoria Hospital Kirkcaldy. Once again our Fitness Manager Martin received another generous donation from      C & A Autocentre Glenrothes and Inverkeithing. Again through the generous donations from both our staff and our members we were able to ensure that the kids in the hospital are as comfortable as they possibly can be in the circumstances.

Ben in our Kirkcaldy branch has been doing a lot of fundraising for Epilepsy Scotland. For the full year of 2017 he will be completing a marathon distance every month. For example, a metafit every day for a month, a variation of races e.g. 10k, 5k. As well as this he has also held a massive fundraiser in June in Society Kirkcaldy. All together so far through the year of 2017 Ben has raised over £2000. Ben suffers from Epilepsy and is doing all he can to help others who suffer from the same. Gym 64 fully support Ben in all he does for the charity and we could not be prouder of him.

Gym 64 also donated £500 to Southwood Primary School in Glenrothes in order for them to purchase new football strips. Fitness is such an important part of children’s lives as the obesity rate in children is sky rocketing. Gym 64 have always supported fitness for children including our parent & child fitness class at the weekend.

Every Year Gym 64 collect Easter Eggs and donate them to Sick Kids in Edinburgh and Victoria Hospital Kirkcaldy.


Gym 64 try and do as much as they can in order to help the local community. All of our staff are passionate about helping people and are constantly coming up with ways in which we can raise money for worthy causes. We would like to thank all of our members for taking part and contributing and making it possible for us to help these charities.




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