Everybody knows Ian as the cheerful, happy, polite man who comes into train on a daily basis, but the story behind this incredible man is one for the ages.

From a young age Ian developed an interest in sport especially when it came to tennis and rugby. He excelled in rugby and played in the Kelso firsts for 3 years. It was through this that he entered into the world of weights. In order to excel on the field he began weight training to gain size and weight.

“I was bitten by the bodybuilding bug and have never regretted it”

At the age of 16 Ian began bodybuilding. His bodyweight sat at 115 pounds with a 40 inch chest, 12.5 inch arms, 22inch thigh and 15 inch calf. Training 3 times a week, Ian was soon able to bench 185kg and squat 200kg- his progression in the gym was amazingly quick and he gained size at a rapid pace.

Ian combined his love for weights with his love for sport for many years however finally decided to pursue a career in bodybuilding. By this time he had won a few local physique titles but nothing major and he knew in order to progress changes had to be made.

“I began to pay more attention to my diet and I increased my workout to 5 days a week, 3 hour per session. I also put more drive and aggression into my training and have gained steadily ever since”

As an example of how he trained each body part here was his pre contest deltoid routine (shoulder)–

  1. Seated press behind neck: 1 x 20 with 140kg; 4 x 20 with 160kg
  2. Alternate dumbbell press: 6×16 with 65kg
  3. Cable side lateral raises: 6×14 with 35kg
  4. Rear Lateral raises: 6×14 with 25kg
  5. Standing press: 6×16 with 140kg

Needless to say, this is a rugged workout, especially when you consider that Ian’s resting time is only 20 seconds between sets!

With this kind of vigorous training his diet on a typical day consisted of

Breakfast- 2 boiled eggs, 2 Weetabix with honey, supplements

Mid-morning snack- ¼ pound of corned beef, supplements

Lunch- ¼ pound sirloin steak, a salad, supplements

Tea-3/4 pound sirloin steak, ½ pound cottage cheese, supplements

Supper- a large tuna steak, supplements


“I believe in supplements, because I train very hard and need more than the accepted daily intake.”

With the intense training and nutrition programme Ian followed he went on to win Mr Scotland, became the first Scottish bodybuilder in 20 years to win Mr Britain and then went on to be the first Scottish bodybuilder ever to win the Mr Universe title and the Mr World title. He is one of only 2 bodybuilders (the other being Roy Duval of England) to win the Grand slam of bodybuilding in one year- the Britain, Europe, World and Universe alongside Mr International, Mr UK and Champions of Champions titles.

Ian is now a representative and organiser for the National Amateur Bodybuilders Association (NABBA).

Despite winning so many incredible titles and being such a success in the bodybuilding industry, Ian Lawrence is still the most down to earth, happy, polite and genuine man you can meet. He is a true inspiration to so many people and is still inspiring people even today, still training hard and eating clean.

Gym 64 are so proud to have Ian as part of the Gym 64 family, a true inspiration to us all!

60th NABBA Universe, All previous British Mr Universe Winners were presented
with this including Ian’s own nephew Stephen Sinton.


Year Competition Category/Class      Result
1970 NABBA Mr. Scotland       winner
1973 NABBA Mr. Universe short        6th
1974 NABBA Mr. Britain        2nd
1974 Mr. Europe short         2nd
1974 NABBA Mr. Universe short        winner
1974 AAU Mr. World short       winner
1974 AAU Mr. World      winner
1974 AAU Mr. World most muscular        2nd
1975 NABBA Mr. Britain     winner
1975 Mr. Europe short      winner
1975 Mr. Europe overall winner
1975 NABBA Mr. Universe short       winner
1975 NABBA Mr. Universe overall winner
1975 AAU Mr. World overall winner
1980 NABBA Universe Pro.         3rd
1980 WABBA World Championships Professional        5th
1981 WABBA European Championships Professional        2nd
1981 WABBA Pro. World Cup        6th
1982 NABBA Universe Pro.        4th
1982 WABBA World Championships Professional       3rd
1983 NABBA Universe Pro.       2nd
1983 WABBA World Championships professional        5th



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