Is It Really That Complicated?

Overcomplicate (def):
Make (something) more complicated than necessary.

How many times have we seen these so called experts tell you how to train and by the end of the podcast, video or conversation you’re more frustrated than when you started. It’s easy to build your program but even easier to make more complicated than you need to.
For your body to react and adapt to any program it needs a stress (weights) to be placed on it and the best kind of stress is a compound exercises (bench press, squats, deadlift and overhead press etc) where it takes more than one muscle group to move a set number of reps for a heavier weight.

I’m not saying you need to lift a maximum load for 1 rep but a weight that you can maybe move for 1,2 or 3 reps will create the stress we need. Repeat that for 3 or 4 sets take a long enough break where your body is recovered but not enough where you feel 100% recovered the key here is on the last set you maybe not get that 3rd rep. That’s step one:
Have a think about what exercises you can do that will help you next time lifting that main movement (eg overhead press could be side raises, dumbbell press etc.) so pick at least 3 accessory exercises and do these for 3-4 sets change reps schemes every time you come in 5-8 reps or 10-12 or 15+ reps may look similar to:

 Exercise                                  Sets                                           Reps
Overhead Press                      4                                                 1-3
Side raises                               4                                                  5-8
Dumbbell Press                      3                                                10-12
Front Raises                             4                                                12-15

Finally we need a bit of endurance work or metabolic conditioning this can be as easy as rowing 1k or doing some press ups or kettle bell swings with the thought of still working on upper back and shoulders. You can decide how long to do this for 1 min, 90sec or for a set number of reps eg 100 press ups broken down to 5 sets of 20.
Make a note of the weights you do and try to do one more rep or set every time you train you will get stronger and better. Credit: Syatt Fitness & Iain Halkett

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