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Free Sauna and Steam room are for rest and relaxation after a hard workout.

Both our clubs have state of the art air conditioning in both the gym area and studios that is controlled at 19 degrees Celsius to ensure that your workout is as comfortable as possible

Free Health MOT and training program design with one of our qualified staff. Enjoy regular health checks, training instruction and evaluation with a free session every 6 weeks. All you need to do to get these amazing benefits is book in for a MOT or training program review with your favourite Personal Trainer at Reception.

Training Facilities

Included in the price of all memberships

Included in the price of all memberships

Extra cost, ask at Reception for more information.

Nutrition Facilities

Included in the price of all memberships

Slim 64 is a class available at both branches, the class provides information on nutrition for a healthy lifestyle

Relaxation Facilities

We offer Pre-workout drinks and Protein shakes so you can get that extra boost before your workout and refuel after your workout with a protein shake freshly made from our protein bar, available 24 hours.

Check out our large variety of protein, supplements and snacks available at Reception.

Achieve Your Fitness Goals

Flexible membership packages to suit all levels of training to help achieve your fitness goals