Sarah Miller

Change doesn’t just happen overnight. It took me a long period of time to change my life. I would eat takeaways all the time, I smoked and enjoyed an alcoholic drink probably more often than I should have. I had no education on food, whatever I could grab to eat would do me.

Once I had my daughter and seen the photo on the left I knew it had to change not just for myself now but for her. I didn’t want her leading that kind of life – I wanted her to be fit and healthy and play sports and be confident in her body. So the Insanity DVD was ordered( because I couldn’t get to the gym) I done this every day and would eat healthy. Progress photos helped me a lot to see my results as looking at myself I couldn’t see it and was getting very frustrated at no change however it was apparent from the photos that the change was there!

The fitter I got the more I wanted to do, I signed up for a 10k run at Michael woods and completed it in 50 minutes which I never thought I would be able to do. I attended Zumba twice a week and would run most days. It made me feel great achieving the weight loss but to also be a good role model for my daughter. It wasn’t easy and I had bad days where I binged and second guessed myself and those days I avoided mirrors like the plague!

However I got back to it and when I started to second guess myself I looked at those photos and it reminded me that the progress I had made was worth it. I am still keeping the weight off and enjoying the fitness industry and hope to help those struggling to meet there goal!

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