Our Kirkcaldy trainers

Jake Woodward

Fitness & Peanut butter enthusiast, competitive bodybuilder and passionate about teaching people how to make the most of their time in the gym and make fitness a part of your lifestyle rather than a chore , just completing university and my competitive bodybuilding season , I want to educate people about how to train properly and show you the difference you can make in your fitness journey when you follow a training plan rather than an exercise routine

Proudest Achievement
winning UKBFF Scottish Jnr Bodybuilding Championship, qualifying for the British finals in my first season and winning IFBB Medals

Favourite Exercise
Cable Pec Flys

Least Favourite
Bulgarian split squats

Rock & Party Remixes (mood dependent)

Cheat Meal
Krispy Kremes , Reeces , Cookies & Burgers 👀