Parisa Tavakoli

    At the age of 15 I became a dance instructor after then continuing on to complete a degree in dance. I have been involved with the health and fitness industry from a very young age. I self taught myself about nutrition, fitness and exercise and the health benefits of combining all of these, after battling with an eating disorder from a young age which is where I began my journey. After graduating with a BA(hons) degree in dance I then progressed to take various fitness courses and qualified as a personal trainer, perusing my passion to help others. I have always been involved in the fitness industry, and challenged myself in various ways by competing in the bodybuilding. With over 10 years experience with myself and working with others I hold the knowledge and experience to assist anyone in looking to take a step to change their life. I succeed in creating sustainable, healthy lifestyles and aim to have my clients feeling their very best inside and out. – parisa tavakoli trainee manager