Steff Noble

I am a Personal Trainer, Posing coach and Pro Level competitive Figure Athlete, having competed across the UK and the world with over 10 years coaching experience.

Heath and fitness is my passion and I love sharing knowledge and building awesome relationships with my clients. I have worked with people from all walks of life at all stages of their fitness journey, dedicating myself to achieve their goals both physically and using exercise to transform mindset! Lifting weights has helped me build my confidence inside and out and I love to show people how the gym can become a positive place that benefits all areas of their life. I provide full personal training plans, nutrition plans, supplement programming for any goal whether it is fat loss, muscle building, wedding dress ready, postpartum body goals etc!

For the competitive athlete – I specialise in competition prep and the art of stage presentation providing, elite posing coaching for both male and female competitors across all classes and federations.

Gym 64 is a state of the art gym and the perfect environment to thrive, have fun and be part of a positive culture all working together to achieve success! No better place for me as a trainer to excel, learn and grow.